Contact Information:
Telephone: (580) 221-3001
Fax: (580) 226-7652
Hours of Operation
6:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Emergency Phone Numbers
Chris Kennedy
Home: (580) 226-0460
Cell: (580) 220-5925

Chris Kennedy
, Transportation Director
(580) 221-3001 ext. 315

Lisa Douglas, Secretary
(580) 221-3001 ext. 314

Dusten Kennedy, Skilled Maintenance Technician
(580) 221-3001 ext. 317

Welcome to Ardmore City Schools Transportation Department

Ardmore City Schools is dedicated to the belief that the most valuable resource of our community is its young citizens. The transportation of pupils to and from school is an integral part of a successfully operating educational program. Pupil transportation is charged with the responsibility of transporting our most precious cargo to and from school and school activities. It is absolutely essential that the children attending our schools arrive at their destination safely and in a mental frame of mind that is conducive to learning.
The school bus driver is an important member of the educational team. It is his/her responsibility to deliver the students to and from school safely, on time and promote to those students in his/her charge the moral characteristics necessary for the total well being of each child.
It is the intent of Ardmore City Schools to provide the maximum amount of safety, efficiency, and economy as can be achieved with consistent and determined effort.
The Transportation Department runs buses on a daily basis transporting students from home to school and back home. All buses run on a tight schedule, so please be on time at the bus stop. Students must arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives, because buses may run 5 minutes ahead or 5 minutes behind. The bus schedule may change during the year if we add or take out stops to the schedule, but you will be notified.


Ardmore City Schools Board Policy states “School bus transportation is a privilege provided for the convenience and safety of the students”. The Board of Education has approved rules and regulations that address the conduct of all students who ride the bus. Board policy also allows for the driver to be in charge of all students who choose to ride the bus. When rules are violated, the driver will usually issue several verbal warnings. Children with continued behavior problems receive the First Bus Conduct Report and if the behavior continues, notices are sent to parents that outlines consequences as follows.

1st Bus Conduct Warning 
2nd Bus Conduct 5 days suspended from bus
3rd Bus Conduct 20 days suspended from bus
4th Bus Conduct 1 Semester suspended from bus
5th Bus Conduct One school year suspended from bus
Special Conduct 5 days to One School Year depending on behavior

Bus Rules
1.   Observe classroom conduct.
2.   Be courteous; use no profane language.
3.   Do not eat or drink on the bus.
4.   Keep the bus clean.
5.   Co-operate with the driver.
6.   Do not smoke.
7.   Do not damage bus or equipment.
8.   Stay in your seat.
9.   Keep head, hands and feet inside bus.
10. NO fighting, pushing, or shoving.
11. Do not tamper with bus equipment.
12. Do not bring pets on the bus.
13. Do not bring flammable material on the bus.
14. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
15. Have a safe trip.

FAQ's & Misc.

1. I moved over the weekend. Who do I contact to get a new bus stop for my child?
Routing is based upon the legal address the school has on file for a student. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide documentation of an address change to the school secretary. The secretary will update school records as necessary and notify the transportation department. The Transportation Director will assign a safe bus stop in alignment with school board policy and state guidelines.

2. Can my child use one stop in the morning and another in the afternoon?
Only under special circumstance can this happen. Please contact the Transportation Director for prior approval.

3. Who is responsible for informing me that the stop was moved/different route/different drop off or pickup time?
The Transportation Department notifies the school of any route or time changes. It is the school’s responsibility to relay that information to the parents. Transportation will provide written documentation concerning any route or schedule changes.

Welcome to the World of Transportation
Ardmore City Schools is very proud of our bus safety record. We take safety and security very seriously.
Besides transporting students, the Transportation Department also provides services in:
• Transportation for extra-curricular activities
• Transportation for summer school programs.
• The education of elementary students in bus safety.
• Training programs for prospective drivers in Southern Oklahoma in Commercial Driver’s License.
• Transportation for after school care.
• The transportation Department has a staff of 22 Drivers with a total of 177 years of driving experience for the Ardmore City Schools.