Title 1

Title I is a federally-funded program designed to broaden and strengthen educational opportunities for children in public, private and vocational schools throughout the nation. Title I began in 1965 with the passage by Congress of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The ESEA was reauthorized in January of 2001 when President Bush secured passage of the “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB). In addition to providing supplemental student academic support, NCLB mandates that all Title I programs include Parent Involvement learning opportunities and Community Partnerships.

Funds are appropriated by the state to eligible school districts and monitored in accordance with federal guidelines which determine which schools should receive Title I funds.

Title I recognizes three levels of student needs that may be served. Title I student services priority levels are as follows:

  • Preventive – students who may be at-risk of later academic failures;
  • Supportive – students who need additional instruction to perform successfully at their grade level; and,
  • Intensive – students who fall significantly below the expected performance level in their grade.

Targeted Assistance Program students (Ardmore High School and Ardmore Middle School) receive Title I instructional support during the school day in Language Arts and Mathematics through an additional class period of instruction. Students at the high school work in a computer lab on the Lexia Reading Program to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. At the middle school, students receive instruction from a Title I teacher and work daily on SuccessMaker, computer assisted instruction that addresses gaps in reading skills mastery and that allows students to work at individual levels and paces through the curriculum.

Schoolwide Title I programs are in place at Charles Evans Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Will Rogers Elementary. All students at these sites are eligible for Title I services, and this assistance is delivered in a variety of ways including:

  • The pre-teaching of concepts;
  • In class delivery of instruction;
  • The re-teaching of concepts;
  • The Lexia Reading Program; and,
  • The SuccessMaker integrated computer program.

For information concerning Title I services, contact your child’s principal.