TK2 Parent Meetings

Take Two is offering parent meeting with special quests to help meet the needs of today's parents.  Many subjects are covered such as discipline, healthy eating habits, financial aid for college and drug and alcohol prevention.  THe meetings will last approximately one hour with an opportunity to share and ask questions.  Pizza and a drink will be provided.

Parent Teacher Conferences

You are invited to attend. Please come out and meet your student's teacher. Parent log-in for grades and attendance will be provided. 

Girl Scouts

Take Two girl scouts meets once a week.  The girls are working on their merit badges.

Grief Group

Grief can affect a students' ability to focus on their academics.    Mrs. Owens will be focusing on grief, however, trauma can also be caused by divorce, abuse of any form, sudden displacement of their homes due to fires, tornadoes, finances and many other reasons.  This can cause students to mimic many of the same behaviors as grief.

People of all ages are being affected every day with traumatic events and losses.  One element she believes to be of great significance with people who have experienced the loss of a loved one and or have been traumatized in other was, is "Grief Spasms".  Because children, teens, and adults do not know how to express their feelings or even understand why they feel a certain way after a major loss/event in their lives.  They are likely to have a roller coaster ride of emotions and can be misdiagnosed as  "bi-polar"  or PTSD.  However, many times it is grief.