Spirit of the Tigers Program

Spirit of the Tigers Program

Dear Community Family,

We are getting ready to kick off year two of the “Spirit of the Tigers Program”.  This  program was started to help our students we knew were in need.  We had a great response from our community and from staff members.  Last year, I am proud to report that we were able to help 21 of our students who were not being served by any other organization.  Thank you to everyone who donated.

We are very fortunate to live in a community of such caring people with many organizations helping out during this time of year. However, our goal is a little different.  We are trying to reach those who may not be receiving help through any of our community agencies or may need additional assistance.

In order to identify our students with the greatest need, we will again be working with our school-based social workers.  In addition, we have also asked our education family to let us know if they see a need for a student or family at their school.  Our staff has a keen eye as to the struggles of our students and will be instrumental in helping us with this task.  They know immediately which students don’t have a warm coat.  They also know which students get their only meal in the cafeteria.  They know which students need the basics:  shoes, socks, shirts and pants.  They know which students won’t be having a very merry Christmas. 

Even though our main push is during the holiday season, our goal for this organization is to not only help during the holiday season, but also during other times as well.  We continued to receive donations after the holiday season, which enabled us to have funds available should a student need be brought to our attention.  The program is being expanded this year to include our own staff members.  There are times when our own staff members may be struggling and need assistance and have nowhere to turn.  Emergency situations also come up.  I am reminded that over the past couple of years, we have had staff members whose homes have burned, were destroyed in a tornado, and have received damage from storms. 

I hope that you choose to participate in the Spirit of the Tigers Program.  Whether it be $5 or $50, you can make a difference.  Make your check payable to “Spirit of the Tigers” and mail to Ardmore City Schools, Attn:  Sabra Emde, PO Box 1709, Ardmore, OK  73402. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Sonny Bates
Superintendent of Schools