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One of the best ways parents can help their children be successful is to be involved with their education.  When parents are involved, their child's grades and test scores are higher; their attitudes and behavior are more positive; academic and extra-curricular programs are more successful; and the school, overall, is more effective.

Ardmore City Schools has designed this Parent Page of the District Website to assist parents in being involved in their child's education.  We hope you will review the many topics on the right side bar of this page.  The Helpful Parent Links section contains resource links to support your efforts in order to help your child be successful.

If, at any time, you would like to request information or voice a concern, please contact the ACS Parent Resource Office at 580-221-3001, ext. 252.  Or you can send an email through the Parent Power button on the home page of the website.

Thank you for visiting the Parent Page of the Ardmore City Schools Website.

Safety & Security

Classroom Visitation:
Any person who plans to visit a classroom or other school facility must obtain prior permission from the building principal's office. Visitors on school property without permission may be asked to leave the premises.

Classroom visitors will respect classroom decorum and will not interrupt the class in any way. Visitors who disrupt the classroom in any manner will be required to leave the school grounds.

Check Your Child's Backpack:
Each year we have a few students at an elementary school who innocently bring a toy gun or knife to school. We are bound to follow the law of the Weapons-Free School act, which requires schools to consider a toy gun at school as serious as a real gun. Knives are the same, even a small pocket knife.

If you feel that your child is being harassed or bullied, please obtain a Harassment/Bullying Complaint form from your principal’s office or from the superintendent. This form can also be found in the back of your student handbook or use this Form to file the report.
Turn it in to your principal immediately.

Inclement Weather Notifications

Making the Decision to Close School
As soon as the district receives word from the Emergency Management Office or the National Weather Service that bad weather is predicted, we begin to monitor the situation very closely. Receiving advanced notice of possible weather is very beneficial. With that said, we all know in Oklahoma that our weather can change for the better or worse very quickly. As parents and staff members, everyone needs as much advance notice as possible to plan for a day when school may not be in session or a day when it is in session and getting to school could take longer. We will do our best to provide you with this advance notice when possible. Our bottom line is always for the safety of our students and our staff.

How will I be notified if school is closed?
Upon reaching the decision, the Superintendent or his designee, will notify parents by any or all of the following:

School Messenger call service
Posting on Facebook
Posting to the Website
Sending a push notification on School Way
Posting to ACS Cable Channel 60
Local radio & TV stations

As a reminder: Absent an announcement of closure, school will be in session.

During the School Day
Occasionally students may already be in school when bad weather conditions come up. When that happens, it may be necessary for school to close and for students to be sent home early. Upon reaching that decision, the Superintendent or his designee will use the same methods as shown above to notify parents. Parents will be given a minimum of one hour’s notice. Students, parents and staff members should understand that every effort is made to ensure the safety of all children. All decisions are made with the safety of students foremost in mind.

Parents are encouraged to make the necessary changes in their schedules or make other provisions for the care and supervision of their children in advance and to notify the school of those arrangements. Schools should be provided the following information: telephone numbers and persons to contact.

Tornado Season
During tornado season, the school administration will be concerned with tornado watches and tornado alerts. A tornado watch is issued by the weather service when conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes. School will not be dismissed because of a tornado watch. However, if a parent is concerned about the safety of their children, they are certainly welcome to pick their children up from school. A tornado warning is issued by the weather service when a tornado has been sighted or is imminent. School will be dismissed if the administration feels that it is safe to do so. Otherwise, children will remain at school and appropriate safety measures shall be taken. You are encouraged to visit with your child’s school to discuss those safety measures.

Winter Season
During winter weather season when snow and ice are factors, a decision will be made as soon as school officials can evaluate existing road conditions and projected weather circumstances. When the decision is made during the evening prior to the day of closing, notification will go out before 10 p.m., and will be submitted to all local news outlets.

If the decision is made after 10 p.m., the night prior to the day of the closing, the information will be provided to all local news outlets by 6 a.m.

Adjoining School District
The decision made by Ardmore City Schools may very well not be the same decision made by a neighboring district. Other districts in our area may have very different kinds of roads to travel and may not feel it is safe for them even when our roads may be deemed to be very usable. Therefore, be sure to check out the specific school district that may be losing for that day.

Parents, please make sure your school has all your up-to-date phone information.  It is Oklahoma, and you just never know when we will have crazy weather.


Parent/Community Resource Office

Sabra Emde
Parent Liaison, ACS Title I
580-221-3001, ext 252

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Bullying Prevention

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