October 10-14 is Support Personnel Week

October 10-14 is Support Personnel Week

Over 25,000 support employees are working as the helping hand in education.  Here at Ardmore City Schools, we are blessed to have 204 dedicated support staff members working hard each and every day to help us to meet the educational needs of our students.  We depend on these staff members to make the schools a better place for students to learn.

Food service employees, custodial/maintenance, transportation, building and grounds, teachers’ aides, paraprofessionals, clerks, secretaries, technology assistants and other support personnel believe that the work they do makes a difference in the lives of our students.

If students attend a clean, well-maintained school, get there safely in a school bus driven by an expert, eat a tasty, nourishing lunch, and get assistance from a secretary or assistant, it helps the learning process.

Cafeteria personnel arrive at the school cafeteria early in the morning to prepare and serve well-balanced, nutritious meals each day.  Custodian/maintenance and delivery personnel are responsible for opening the buildings each morning, keeping them clean, and in the winter seeing that snow and ice are removed from sidewalks.  In the summer, they must assure that the air conditioning operates well to maintain classroom comfort.  Each day support personnel deliver supplies, school mail, text books, custodial and food service items.

Transportation employees not only pick up and deliver students to and from school, but also make additional trips for special activities, all with the safety and well-being of the students uppermost in their minds.  Mechanics are employed to keep buses in safe operating condition.

Teacher assistants assist classroom teachers and office assistants assist in building offices.  School secretaries maintain records, payroll data, and many other bookkeeping tasks as well as serve the principal, an administrator, teacher and student needs.  Personnel in the administrative offices serve many functions.  They coordinate school activities and compile reports from all buildings into a final report.  They also keep the records that are audited by state and federal auditors.

As parents and others know, our country’s future lies in our children and their education.  The schools have a tremendous job.  Each day, support personnel in schools across the state are the “Helping Hands” which assist districts in successfully meeting their responsibilities.  Vital services are provided as support personnel strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the students and to make the world a little easier and better for children.

Join me in thanking all the support staff members of Ardmore City Schools.  They do a GREAT job!