Take Two is a United Way Agency

The money will provide opportunities for field trips, meals, materials for class projects and extra-curricular
projects in which our students would normally not get to participate and our on-line Odyssey Ware licenses.
The money will also fund our “Student Store” which is the center of our token economy. We would also use the money for basic needs (I.e. Food, clothes, toiletries, etc.) or transportation costs (SORTS) that would deter a child from being able to attend school. It is also used for rewards, such as T-shirts gift cards, etc. and for the end of school activities
such as our Senior luncheon, Graduation Celebration and prom.

Merit Appliation Instructions

Merit Application Instructions

The homeroom teacher will review these instructions with the applicant.
The student will submit the application on the first Tuesday of the month.
The application information must be current within the week prior to that Tuesday.
The student will schedule an appointment to interview with the merit teacher and their HR folder.

ü Check on TI and OR. Applicant cannot be on contract or OR within last 10 days.
ü Check on attendance. No contracts.
ü HR folder maintenance
ü Review grades, B or better – NO EXCEPTIONS
ü Oral quiz over skills

Once the interview process is complete the application will be approved or not approved:

Not approved will be returned with reason, date and copy will be put in HR folder with a plan for improvement.

Sign a contract and copy will be placed in HR folderApplicant will be moved to Ms. Bells homeroom.Purchase up to merit10 merit card will be given with instructions Project will be discussed and assigned with a deadline for completion. ===============================================================
Merit Applicant
A merit applicant is working on his/her project and meeting deadlines.May either be On Card or Weekly Review CardMay receive two items in the student store.Makes a request to move to the front of the line at lunch.
Merit Student
A merit student has completed and presented his or her project.Privileges for merit studentsWeekly Review Card on Friday’s onlyMakes a request to move to the front of the line at lunchOff-Campus Lunch on Fridays with signed permission and Ms. Bells initials.Completed and approved project
Dates for Applications to be turned in: January will be an exception. Application will be accepted on the second of each month.