Board Policies

Section A: School District

Mission Statement
Geographic Boundary
Legal Status
Relationship of School District to State Educational System
Relationship to Extra-Legal Organization
Support Services Goal
Official School Colors

Section B: Board of Education
BOE Powers and Duties
Board Member Conflict of Interest
Board Membership Qualifications
Development Opportunities
New Board Members Term of Office
Filling Board Vacancies
Ardmore Board of Education
Code of Ethics for Board Members
Election of Officers
Duties of Officers
Encumbrance Clerk
Board-Superintendent Relationship
BOE Meetings & Notification Procedures
School Board Meetings - Agenda Prep & Dissemination
Executive Sessions
Public Participation
Public Participation - Regulation
Board Policies
Administration in Absence of Policy
Executive Officer - Superintendent
Line In Staff Relations
Organizational Chart
Board Reorganization

 Section CA: Business & Accounting
Employee Travel Reimbursement
Telephone Use
Salesmen & Solicitations
Sales Tax
Preliminary Budget
Handling of Funds
Audit of Records
Activity Funds
Use of School Credit Cards
Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
Public Gifts/Donations to the School - Regulation
Sanction of Parent Organizations & Booster Clubs
Bids & Quotations
Red Flags Rule
Expenditure of District Funds - Regulation
Suspension & Debarment Compliance
Guidelines for the Sanctioning of Student Achievement Programs and Parent-Teacher Association and Organizations.

Section CB: Transportation 
School Transportation 
School Transportation - Regulation
Chartered Bus Service
School Bus Drivers
School Bus Drivers - Regulation
Report of Individual Illegally Passing School Bus - Form
Use of Video Surveillance on School Buses
Bus Drivers & Use of Technology
Purpose of Transportation
Use of School-Owned Vehicles
Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles for Transporting Students

 Section CC: Operations, Health & Safety
Equipment Accountability
Key to School Facilities
Responsibility for Maintenance
Borrowing of Schools Property and/or Equipment
Requests for Maintenance Work
Energy Management Conservation Policy
Energy Conservation & Building Management - Regulation
Pandemic Plan
Tobacco Use Prohibited
Hygiene & Sanitation (Blood-borne Pathogens) 
Regulation for Implementation of Hygiene & Sanitation Policy
Routine Procedures for Sanitation & Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids
Communicable Disease Risk Exposure Report - Form
Hepatitis B Vaccine Consent/Refusal Form
Healthy & Fit School Advisory Committee/Safe School Committee
Use of Candles in School Buildings
Operations & Maintenance Plan for controlled Exposure to Asbestos
Safety Program
School Security Drills
Emergency School Closings
Disaster Plans
Safety Drills
Fire Drills 
Tornado Drills

 Section CD: Child Nutrition
Child Nutrition & Physical Fitness Program
Vending Machines
Food Procurement
Food Procurement - Regulation
Food Procurement - Protest Procedures
Food Safety Program

 Section CE: Information Technology
Internet Usage Policy
Rules & Procedures for Computer & Internet/Network Usage

 Section DA-A: General Information for All Staff
Fair Labor Standards Act
Fair Labor Standards Act - Regulation
Fair Labor Standards Act - Procedures
Fair Labor Standards Act - Compliance Procedures
Timekeeping (Non-Exempt Employees)
Overtime & Compensation Time
Overtime Authorization Form
Authority of the Superintendent
District Organization
Delegation of Authority
Duty Time
Pay Period
Personnel Dress Code
Community Citizenship
Political Activities of Employees
Teachers' Retirement System
Staff Student Relationships - Professional Development
Staff Student Communications
Staff Student Communications Permission Form

 Section DA-B: Human Resources
Teacher Qualifications
Schedule of Election
Recommendation of Teachers
Medical Exams
Records Investigation
Felony Records Search Procedures
Authorization & Release
Records Investigation - Consent
Temporary Contract (Notice of Limited Employment) 
Job Descriptions
Office Hours & Other Duty Hours
Personnel Files
New Teachers
Mentor Teachers
Mentor Teachers - Regulation
Substitute Teachers
Student Teachers
Assignment of Teachers & Reduction In Staff
Employment, Assignments & Reassignments
Staff Vacancies
Outside Employment
Elimination of Certified Staff Positions
Notice of RIF Hearing
Notice of Non-Reemployment (RIF)
RIF Letter to BOE
Conflicts of Interest
Employment Practices
Employment of Teachers
Release from Contract
Employee Resignations
Acceptance of Letters of Resignation

 Section DA-CA: Certified Leave Information
Certified Sick Leave
Certified Salary of Expiration of Sick Leave
Reimbursement of Sick Leave Per Negotiated Agreement
Use of Sick Leave for Retirement Calculation
Sick Leave Bank
Shared Sick Leave
Approval of Non Attendance for Professional Leave
Professional Leave to Present at Workshops
Personal Business Leave
Personal Business Leave Incentive
Perfect Attendance Incentive

 Section DA-CB: Non Certified Leave Information
Non-Certified Sick Leave
Advanced Sick Leave for NC staff
NC Salary After the Expiration of Sick Leave
Reimbursement of Unused Sick Leave for Retirement
Sick Leave Bank for NC staff
Shared Sick Leave for NC staff
Personal Business Leave for NC staff

 Section DA-CC: General Leave Information
Family Medical Leave
Emergency Leave
Bad Weather Days
Military Leave
Vacation for 12 Month Full Time Staff Members
Jury Duty & Witness Leave

 Section DA-D: Personnel Health & Welfare
Workers Compensation
Sexual Harassment
Age of Retirement
Social Security
Annuity & Certificate Programs
Drug-Free Workplace
Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

 Section DB: Certified Personnel
Ardmore Instructional Model
Social Privileges for Teachers
Professional Ethics
Teacher Evaluation Requirement
Administrator Evaluation Requirement
Administrative Procedure to Certified Staff Evaluations
Professional Growth
Additional College Work
Attendance at Teachers Meetings
Attendance at Professional Meetings
In-Service Training
Early Dismissal of Teachers
Grievance Procedure for Certified Staff

 Section DC: Support Personnel
Professional Ethics for Support Personnel
Definition of Non Teaching Personnel 
Classifications of Non-Certified Positions
Assignment of Non-Certified Staff
Delegation of Authority
Wages for Non-Certified Staff
Retirement Plan
Work Rules
Custodial Staff Members
Teacher Assistants
Title I Paraprofessionals
Reduction in Force (Support Personnel)
Deleted Admin Proc for NC RIF
Grievance Procedure for Non-Certified Staff
Personnel Files- Support Employees

 Section DD: Personnel Disciplinary Information
Grounds for Dismissal and Non Reemployment of Teachers
Teachers Exempt from Dismissal, Suspension & Non Reemployment Provisions
Procedure for Administrator to Follow for Admonishment of a Teacher
Suspension of a Teacher
Recommendation of Dismissal or Non-renewal of a Teacher
Teacher Termination Procedures
Teacher Appeal Process (Trial De Novo)
Procedure for Dismissal or Mom-renewal of Administrator
Suspension, Demotion & Termination of Non Certified Staff
Grounds for Dismissal of Non Certified Staff

 Section E: Instruction
Basic Instructional Program
Basic Instructional Program - Regulation
Promotion & Grading
 Student Retention
Reading Deficiency Parent Notification
Midyear Promotion - Fourth Grade
Grading System & Honor Roll
Progress Reports
Summer School
Teaching Moral & Spiritual Values
Use of Audio-Visual Materials
Use of Audio-Visual Material Request Form
Duplication and Use of Copyrighted Materials
Content Specifications
Middle School Curriculum
Curriculum Supervision, Planning & Improving Instruction
Minute of Silence
AIDS Prevention Education
Attendance Waiver for AIDS Prevention Education
Student Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Program
Gifted Education
Physical Education
Graduation Requirements
Student Class Load at AHS
Courses to be Taken in Sequence 
Oklahoma School of Science & Math (OSSM)
Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP)
Drivers Education
Early Education
Credits from a Non-Accredited Schools & Home Schools
EOI/Grade Appeals Procedure
Online Instruction
Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent Enrollment for Academic Credit - Courses
Class Honors
Distinguished Honors Scholar (Classes of 2010 & 2011)
Distinguished Honors Scholar (Effective with Class of 2012)
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Organizations (PTO)
Testing Program
Student Surveys
Teachers to Stress Study Techniques & Giving Tests
Administering Tests
Teachers to Check Assignments
Student Psychological and/or Psychiatric Testing
Library Bill of Rights
Review of Informational Material by Parents
Reconsideration Request Form
Selection & Evaluation of Printed Material
Disclosure of Records on Loaned Library Material
Equal Education Opportunities
Section 504 Eligibility Procedures - Special Ed Services
Home Instruction
Homebound Services
Revocation of Consent (Special Education)
School Couselor
School Hours
Field Trips
Field Trips - Regulation

 Section FA: Students (Title I)
Parents' Right to Know
Parental Involvement Policy - General Expectations
Neglected & Delinquent Policy
Homeless Students
Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students
Migrant Students

 Section FB: Student Admission & Attendance
Student Residency Policy
Residency Officer
Residency Disputes
Enrollment of Military Children
Attendance Areas & Boundaries
Request for In-District Transfer Form
Transfer Students (Out of District)
Students Transfers - Children of Active Duty Military
Removal of Juvenile Sex Offender
Parent Contract for Emergency Transfer
Attendance Ages
Readiness Policy 
School Attendance
Attendance Procedures
Religious Holy Days
Medical & Dental Appointments
Admission of Foreign Students
Enrollment & Placement of Students from a Non-Accredited School

 Section FC: Student Rights & Responsibilities
Requests for Law Enforcement to Talk with Students
Student Fees
Search of Students
Search of Students - Regulation
Student Searches Checklist (Form)
Drugs, Alcohol, & Contraband Searches
Drugs, Alcohol & Contraband Searches - Regulation
Responsibility for School Property - Lockers
Responsibility for Lost or Damaged School Property
Dress Code
Student Accountability Relative to Substance Abuse
Urine Screens and Alcohol Tests
Delivery of Seized Firearms or Drugs to Law Enforcement
Wireless Telecommunication Devices
Student Grievance
Student Vehicle Use & Parking
Student Automobile Use
Acknowledgement - Student Parking Areas
Students: Fees, Fines, & Charges
Students: Fees, Fines, & Charges (Regulation)

 Section FD: Student Discipline
Student Discipline

Conduct Code - Parent Awareness
Student Conduct Code
Restraints and Seclusion
Suspension of Students
Suspension of Students - Regulation
Notice of Suspension
Enrollment, Transfer & Placement of Students Suspended or Removed From School
Corporal Punishment
Corporal Punishment - Regulation 
Weapons-Free Schools
Gang Activity
Gang Activity - Regulation
Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Regulation
Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying (investigation Procedures)
Harassment/Bullying Form for Students, Parents, Staff

 Section FE: Student Health & Welfare
Wellness Policy
Food Allergy Guidelines
Student Safety
Teachers are not to Leave Students Unattended
Reporting Accidents
Student Health
Medication - Administering to Students
Medication Given at School - Regulation
Medication Log
Diabetes Median Management Plan
Student Identification Cards
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse/Negligence
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse/Negligence Form
Reporting Students Under the Influence
Immunizations - Students
Exemption from Immunization - Regulation
Certificate of Exemption

Concussion & Head Injury Acknowledgement & Information Sheet
Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome
Vision Screening of Students
Concussions & Head Injuries

 Section FF: Student Records
Transfer & Release of Confidential Information
Permission for the Transfer and/or Release of Confidential Student Information
Information Coordinator

 Section FG: Student Activities
Extra Curricular Activities
Extra Curricular Activities - Regulation
Extra Curricular Activities - Local
Student Eligibility for Extra Curricular Activities
Student Clubs & Organizations
Student Clubs & Organizations Annual Notification
Fund Raising 
Administrative Guidelines for Raffles
Social Organizations

 Section GA: Community Relations
Cooperation with Community Agencies
Naming of School Facilities
School Visitors
Grievance - Appeals Procedure
Classroom Visitation
Spectator Code of Conduct - Athletics Program

 Section GB: Public Information Program
Public Information Program
Public Relations in the School Offices
District-Wide Calendar of Events
Video Resource Center
Open Records Act
Open Records Act - Regulation
Open Records Act - Request Form
Notice to Record Requesters
Student Recruitment (Access to Students & Directory Information)
Warning Systems - Inclement Weather
Social Networking
Classroom Teacher FB Application
Parent Permission FB Form

 Section GC: New Media Relations
News Media Relations
Crisis/Emergencies & New Media
Printed Materials & Press Releases
Advertising & Commercial Announcements

 Section GD: Public Complaints
Grievance Defined
Grievance - Patrons and/or Parents
Grievance - Title IX, Title VI & Section 504

 Section GE: Use of School Property
Facility Usage
Facility Usage Fee Schedule
Use of School Facilities